Why do yo think you are here, most certainly because you are a big fan of custom designed and crafted 'toys'.. well, that's why we're here too!

Who we are

Even if you might say four different personalities are hard to coexist, when united by the same goals, aspiration and dreams anything becomes possible. We started from an idea, to offer you, our vision and the opportunity of building your dream bike.

What we do

In a surprisingly short amount of time we managed to start from scratch, with just a few basic tools and pictures however in a warm environment and with great devotement we put together all the necessary premium tools and technology and succeeded in delivering a bike that exceeded even our expectations.

On that basis we now offer you a custom designed and built frame with the latest technology in materials and fabrication.

Beyond limits

In our attempt to innovate the custom built bicycles industry we brought in the latest technology in materials and manufacturing processes. But at the same time we kept pushing the limits in regards of design, research and development of our products.

Quality expertise

In the attempt to offer you not only a uniquely designed bike but also a safe product, during each technological process we ensure to use specific measurement, alignment and calibration equipment such as laser precision, weld testing and heath treatment.

Touch of excelence

After the thoroughly following the specified steps to achieve the finished custom frame-set we go forward fitting it with the latest technology in Carbon Drive Transmission, hydraulic brakes, tire and wheel sets, not to mention the incredibly beautiful handcrafted leather seats and grips.

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